January 1st, 2011

Rob’s Ride Guide

Words by Rob Calvert
Photos Courtesy of Longboard Larry and Holesom

Longboard Larry Komodo

Materials:  Bamboo with a birch core

Specs: Length: 47¾” , Width: 9¼” , Wheelbase: 34”

Mellow concave

Recommended Setup:  You can go with any 180mm trucks such as Paris, Randal, Holey, Bears, etc.  And any wheel out there at 75mm, or less, to avoid wheelbite.  Personally, I ride my Komodo with Randal 180s, Venom Supercarve bushings, and some Fireball Incendos (70mm/84a).

When I first saw the Komodo, I was blown away by what a clean and sharp looking board I had in front of me.  Larry hand-makes all of his boards to perfection which is why many people describe them as “works of art”.  And since Larry’s boards are hand-made, you can request modifications to the length, width, and flex.  For example, a common modification to the Komodo is adding a twin-tip and dropping the length down to 44 inches.

Ride:  As I took the Komodo out for it’s first run, I noticed how this mini-dancer acted shorter than 48 inches.  The board is easy to push around because of it’s light weight.  Normally on a dancer, you’d want to chop your legs off after a long push, but not on the Komodo.  Another great feature of this deck is a mellow concave that is in no way overbearing.  Dancers are normally left flat, but the slight concave of the Komodo is just enough to make hard carves and stand-up slides more comfortable.  Finally, the flex on the Komodo is damp, but has great return for pumping and carving.

Overall:  Dancing is obviously where the Komodo shines, however, don’t be afraid to throw in some slides and freestyle tricks.  The lightweight of the deck allows you to pop the board up with ease and makes finger flips and grabs a walk in the park.  See a hill that you could hit up?  Take out that skate tool, tighten up those trucks, and get going!

Please check out Longboard Larry at www.longboardlarry.com.

Holesom Street Sweeper

Materials:  Hemp and bamboo

Specs: Length: 40”, Width: 9¼”, Wheelbase: 28¼”, 29¾”, 31½”, 33”, 34½”

Camber with mild concave

Recommended Setup:  Personally, I ride the Street Sweeper with Holey trucks, stock ruby-red bushings, Abec11 Freeride wheels, and Bones Reds bearings.  Holey trucks are great to go along with the “hole” design concept, but any 180mm trucks will do like Randal or Paris.  You should be fine with wheel sizes up to 76mm at all wheelbase settings, but I’d still recommend a 70mm wheel for the inner setting (depending on how loose you ride your trucks and bushings).

Ride and Versatility:  If you’re like me, and love a board that you can do everything on, then this is your board.  Why?  Because the multiple wheelbase options on the Street Sweeper give you three boards in one.  Let me explain.  Every wheelbase option is great for dancing, carving, commuting around town, and sliding thanks to the mellow concave and 9 ¼” width.  At the same time, you can see how each wheelbase option has its own little specialty to it.

The outermost setting (34½” wheelbase) offers the most flex and is perfect if you’re hitting up a mellow hill for some buttery carves.  It honestly feels like you’re skating on a cloud as you sink into every carve.  The middle setting (31½” wheelbase) is noticeably stiffer and has a nice dampening flex.  At the inner setting (28¼” wheelbase), the Street Sweeper provides the stiffest flex with a great energy return for pumping in-and-out of carves.  Additionally, the inner setting offers ample room on the nose and tail for manualing, shuvits, popping the board up, and any other sort of freestyle tricks.

Personally, I enjoy riding the trucks with one on the outer setting and one on the inner setting.  This provides a really nice flex (similar to the middle setting) while still providing a nose for all my freestyle fun.

Overall:  If you’re looking for a board that does everything you can think of, do yourself a favor and grab a Street Sweeper.  This board can take a beating and hold up just fine.  Unless you’re planning to take this board over 40 mph, get it now.  It’s, by far, the most versatile deck I’ve ever ridden and the wheelbase options give you three totally different boards.  The price tag may scare you, but it is well, well worth it.  Go out, go skate, and keep it Holesom.

Please check out Holesom at www.holesom.com.

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